#4: Application Heresy

How does one make sense of the Bible? Is it purely a matter of reading it and doing what it says? Is it a simple book that can be plainly understood without the need for interpretation? Dr. Haddon Robinson once said, “More heresy is preached in application than in Bible exegesis.” What did he mean by that? This episode engages the important work of biblical interpretation. 

#3: Biblical Worldview

Do you believe God created the universe and still rules it today? Do you believe that only through faith in Christ can a person be saved? Maybe you believe all religions lead to God and that, in the end, everyone will be okay. Questions like these expose a person’s worldview. This episode discusses the importance of adhering to a Biblical Worldview in a culture that’s increasingly antagonistic toward Christian values.

#2: Authority of Scripture

The Bible is the bestselling book of all time. Every year it sells more than 100 million copies. It’s been translated into over 700 languages. The Guinness Book of World Records estimates that the Bible has sold over five billion total copies. This episode reviews the authority of scripture, how it’s being undermined, and why it matters.

#1: A Time To Speak

We are witnessing post-Christian America emerge before our eyes. In this fascinating cultural moment, the enemy is waging war on the minds of God’s people like never before. This episode reviews the cultural shift in the West, its impact on the church, and the importance of spiritual discernment.